2 year old toddler {sunglasses + apples} | rockford illinois child photographer

Wowzers, the last couple of years have gone by at lightning speed?! Most moms can probably relate to how hard it can be to just get through the day sometimes (especially when winter seems to last for half the year in northern Illinois and we're all going stir crazy inside). But then bedtime comes, books are read, songs are sung, we say our prayers, and I'm reminded that we're right back to where we were the day before, thanking God for the blessings of another day. There sure is a lot to smile about with each day, even though I find myself often asking in exhaustion or exasperation, "when will daddy be home!!?" as I break open a bag of 80% cocoa chocolate chips. Then, one day you realize two years has gone by, and you'll never get those years back with your children. Tomorrow they will be a little bit bigger and brighter than the day before. These are just few things I've been learning over the last 3+ years as a mom...

Each day is a gift.

Find the beauty in the current moment.

Stop to breathe and be present with your children.

Pay attention to all their little features and behaviors.

Smile, A LOT, because smiling is a lot easier than complaining.

But the biggest thing that I've learned is...

I'm not in control of each day—God is!

Relinquishing the need to control, so He can do His work, allows me to just enjoy the ride. God gives me my strength; He is my help. I have to renew my mind with these truths every day, or else I'm a floundering mess. 

Today I reflect on how God has used my daughter to teach me to rely on Him and not myself, and to be transformed by His love. I celebrate June's life and her love for so many things—dresses, sunglasses and apples, to name a few. These images make me so happy because they are SO her. The only thing missing would be a mud pit and a dump truck, lol, but that's for another day. A shout out to Cara Peterson Photography for being so gracious to let me use her gorgeous studio space for this session and to Target for always having the coolest accessories (furry, flowery pillows, lacy dresses, and sunglasses with a retro flare). 

Louisa Nickel is a Rockford, IL photographer, serving Northern Illinois and Chicago suburbs. She specializes newborn, baby, and child photography. 

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