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Exist in photos with your children:

This is one of the greatest realizations I have come to this past year as a mother and artist. There are two pictures that I look back at again and again with my first born, Harvey. They are both of me holding him, one the day after his birth, and the other just days before the birth of my daughter. I started to think about what it is that makes them so special. To anyone else, they may be just another photo, but to me, they mean the world. Why? Because I'm IN them, and the emotion that's attached to those images brings me right back to the glory of that moment every time I see them.

The art and teaching of Sue Bryce has helped me grasp just how important it is for mothers to be photographed with their children. Sue is a internationally renowned portrait photographer and teacher who empowers women and shows them just how beautiful they are through her portraiture. After taking one of her courses, "Bumps to Babies: Photographing Motherhood," I was inspired to do more with photographing motherhood. I challenged myself to take more pictures of me with my children. While most of these images are mommy-and-me selfies that find their way to my Instagram feed, it's allowed me to find beauty in the everyday moments of motherhood.

To the moms that may be reading this - when you look through childhood albums and you come across a picture of your mom (or dad), what's your reaction? I know mine is, "That's my MOM!" and there's a sense of pride and joy, seeing her part of the childhood memories that I'm so fond of. So, I want to inspire moms to exist in photos not only for yourself, but for your children too, because YOU are their pride and joy. 

The following images are a gift to my daughter June for her first birthday. A big thank you to my husband for taking these photos and helping bring to life what I envisioned in my dreams. These portraits will be close to my heart for always. Thank you, Stu. 

Louisa Nickel is a Rockford, IL photographer, serving the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin areas. She specializes in maternity, newborn, baby, children, and family photography. 

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