Harvey // 12 months

It's been over a year since Harvey came knocking, but that day feels more real than any other day. The birth experience leaves you with more than a memory; it gives you a tangible gift that you get to see, hold, feed, love—the list goes on. 

Harvey was born at home, giving me complete control of the birthing process. There were no drugs or medication, no bright lights, no bustle of people coming in and out to check on me, no distractions, just the care and supervision of my husband, midwife, and sister. The quiet, uninvasive setting at home allowed me to stay calm and focused on the incredibly powerful process my body was going through as it worked in tandem with baby to bring him closer to delivery.

Labor was short, and I eagerly delivered my baby, caught him, and put him to my chest.  I remember saying over and over how much I loved him and being so overwhelmed that the bond I had established with this baby for the last 9 months was right in front of my eyes. A year later he spends more of his time scurrying around than resting in my arms, and I love watching his curious, independent, silly personality unfold. Happy 1st birthday to my Harvey baby!