morning sunshine at the arboretum {adorable family session} | Rockford, IL photographer

It was another hot day, with a beautiful family to photograph. I immediately connected with this happy family and their warm hearts for their cute baby girl and foster son. They were so lovely to spend time with, and it was sweet to see their little girl at such a fun stage of sitting up and eager to crawl. Their son was so helpful with getting the baby's attention when we were taking photos of just the three of them, and he was such an attentive big brother. 

We went to the Rockford Arboretum, a place that I had never photographed at before, but a meaningful location to them. It's where they had engagement, wedding, and maternity photos taken, and so it was special that we could capture them as a family here as well. I'll be adding this spot on my list of places to go for future sessions. 

Additionally, I've be interested in offering "moving portraits" of my clients, where I take a slow motion candid video during the session. Come to find out, this couple does videography, so I was a bit embarrassed to try out my amateur skills in front of them. But they were sweet to understand my newness to it all, and we ended up with a fun little clip of them. 

Louisa Nickel is a Rockford, IL photographer, serving the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin areas. She specializes in maternity, newborn, baby, children, and family photography. 

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