the bond of mother and son {breastfeeding session} | Rockford, Illinois baby photographer

It was a joy to shoot a nursing session with Erica from E&H Photography. As a mom with a breastfed baby, I know just how special that bond is between a mother and her child, and so our time together was really meaningful. Whether breastfed or bottle fed, feeding your baby is such an intimate, emotional experience: the way they look up at you, how they move their hands and feet, their pure contentment—it's all so precious. 

This post also comes with hesitation, as I know breastfeeding photography will not settle well with some of my viewers. But, I believe it's a beautiful piece of motherhood that's special to capture, especially since these are fleeting days. Every part of raising your little ones should be remembered, and I feel honored that Erica trusted me to let me into such a cherished time between her and her 9 month old son. 

a moving portrait {video} from Erica's nursing session...

Louisa Nickel is a Rockford, IL photographer, serving the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin areas. She specializes in maternity, newborn, baby, children, and family photography. 

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