Cancer's Foes: Nutrition & Non-Toxic Living

What causes cancer?


Our first questions after our son’s diagnosis: What caused a 3 year old to get cancer? The answer: we don’t know the cause. What we've discovered though, is that there's SO MUCH MORE than a shoulder shrug to this question. We've become "parent-cologists," so to speak, as we study our son's malignancy and cancer in general. What we're learning is that only 5-10% of cancer is caused by genetic defects, and the remaining 90-95% of cancer is caused by poor diet and unhealthy lifestyles

A spoonful of sugar


During our initial hospital stay, there was a fridge full of amenities: popsicles, fudge bars, ice cream, chocolate milk, diet sodas, etc, “give him whatever he will eat.” As hospitable as our stay was, it confirmed that we’re leaving out an important piece of the puzzle to cancer recovery and prevention. The power of nutrition as a therapy for cancer—whether on its own or in conjunction with conventional care—is underestimated with a capital U.


Chemo over Cause


Our son's malignancy is being treated with chemotherapy, but the cause is not being addressed. We can't just rip off the top of the weed, leaving the roots in the soil to grow back stronger and more resilient. Yes, there may be a time and place for chemo and radiation, but we also have to face the facts: it poisons the body’s healthy cells, bankrupts the immune system, damages DNA, wipes out essential gut flora—the list of cancer-promoting factors goes on.

The root causes of cancer need to be talked about: the way we are eating and living our lives is damaging our bodies in overwhelming ways. We need to take action and responsibility NOW for our diets and lifestyle—the major players in disease. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, and we have a lot more power and control over disease than we’re being told.

Nutrition & non-toxic living


Honestly? We wish we had the opportunity to harness the power of Harvey’s immune system to destroy malignant cells instead of having to give him 3+ years of cytotoxic chemicals to keep his cancer in remission. Our reality with treating Harvey's leukemia is summed up as this: “Chemotherapy is rarely optional, editable, or shortened for this childhood cancer in the USA, adults have options.” Be that as it may, we CAN implement nutrition as the foundation of his healing at home, and a non-toxic lifestyle must follow. Even though it pains us to see thousands of dollars of cancer-promoting drugs injected into our son, we joyfully give him megadoses of life-giving foods, healing therapies, and love—the best kind of therapy his body could ask for. 

We now see our son’s diagnosis as a messenger that’s telling us something has been out of balance. It’s been essential for our family to learn about the provocateurs of cancer, and how we can boost our bodies immune responses to kill cancer cells before it becomes a full blown disease. There’s so much we CAN do about it. Lets focus on the CAN in cancer. It starts with deep nutrition and non-toxic living. Who's joining us?