Harvey's Leukemia treatment begins + FUNDRAISING

Humbling circumstances 

Sometimes God's sovereign hand places us in humbling circumstances, reminding us that we are not in charge of our lives. What a tough pill to swallow, since I prefer to be the one in charge. Watching Harvey's little body endure the impact of intensive chemo was almost more than we could bear. Through it all, God's choosing to save his life, and he went into remission during the first month of treatment. Hallelujah!

Can I be honest though? Most days haven't been "Hallelujah!" days, rather, "God, HELP ME! I can barely breathe!"  The intensity of caring for a child with cancer has felt beyond our abilities, but God continues to give us just what we need each day. We know he's showing us more of our "calling," as we care for our son and support him through what may be one of the biggest battles of his life. He's our little David, fighting Goliath. God's on his side, and He's already won ;)

PRAISE: Harvey's Leukemia went into remission within the first month of treatment! (There's 3.5 years of chemo to keep it in remission).
PRAYER: That we would daily call on the name of the Jesus and not wander from his peace, because God has already overcome the world and the trials of this life. Pray that in oceans deep, we will stand in faith and be made stronger in the presence of our Savior.  And for those of you who are praying for us and may not know if prayer works, or who to pray to, our prayer is that the God of the universe would rush in to meet YOU; that you would feel His presence in the same powerful way that He is meeting us and our every need. 

beyond the tears and pain that come with a cancer journey, God is showing his omnipotence through the life of his little child...


On to brighter days...

Presently our days are bright and full of so much hope, as Harvey has gone from not being able to walk or play, to running and playing again like the carefree boy that he is. Rather than devote a blog post to the sad details of Harvey's beginnings of treatment, we want to focus on the CAN in Harvey's CANcer story, and reflect on who God is and what He does for us (Psalm 103):

who FORGIVES all your iniquity,
    who CROWNS you with steadfast LOVE and MERCY,
who SATISFIES you with good
    so that your YOUTH IS RENEWED like the eagle's. 

Nothing can compare to how deep his love is for us. Take a minute to listen to Fierce, by Jesus Culture. Tune out the distractions and turn up the volume. Let the powerful imagery of these words wash over you, and let God speak to your heart. We can't escape God. His love is fierce, and it will seek us out, no matter how much we try and run from it, or make excuses against it, or convince ourselves we don't deserve it. Entering the "storm" of cancer is pulling us closer and closer to the One in control of it all. 

PRAISE: Harvey has bounced back from the severe side effects he experienced after starting chemo! 
PRAYER: That side effects would continue to be minimized through deep nutrition and healing therapies. Prayer for stamina with maintaining the rigorous daily schedule of supporting Harvey's well-being.

Not enough THANK YOU'S!

Where do we begin? We have hundreds of people praying for us, sending us messages, cards, gifts - such an abundance of LOVE! Even though most of you have not heard from us, your love and care have surrounded us with so much encouragement. Really, we are overwhelmed with how generously you all love. THANK YOU!

Fundraising for Harvey's quality of life

We're starting a fundraiser through YouCaring.com - you can visit our page HERE. We're humbly asking for financial parters who can help us with the uninsured expenses that will sustain Harvey's quality of life during these next 3.5 years of treatment. Your comments and shares would mean so much to us :)